Array Plate

  • Array plate

    Array plate

Large area cover glass bottom plate

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  • Large area coverglass bottom
  • SBS/ANSI compliant design
  • Low Skirt Design
  • Tissue Culture Treated surface (TC)


Large Area Microarrays, Array/cell interaction studies, Neurite outgrowth studies, Tissue sections / histology, Tissue section cultivation

Detailed Description:

Array plates are compliant to the SBS (Society for Biomolecular Screening) standard with a bottom made from a 170 μm coverglass. The complete plate provides a single
large area for
• imaging
• array spotting
• cultivation
Array Plates can be used for high resolution cell, tissue or array microscopy. The plates are also suitable for a wide range of fixation and staining protocols (formaldehyde,
glutaraldehyde, alcohols, acetone). Acetone should not be applicated for periods longer than 10 minutes since the plate body is made from polystyrene and the plate body can
detach from the glass bottom. Array Plates can be used at temperatures between 20°C and 50°C.
Cell adhesion, spreading and distribution are improved due to our well established plasma surface modification technologies. The cover glasss plate bottoms make the plates suitable for the application of high resolution immersion objectives. Water, glycerine and oil can be used as immersion medium.

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